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Posted by Anida Leeds

One of the best ways to prevent cats from using your fine furniture for scratching, napping, and roughhousing is to choose quality, long-lasting cat furniture constructed specifically for the needs of cats.

Cat instincts are strong tendencies that result from natural selection that drive cat behavior. These natural compulsions trace back through the evolution of each animal to the survival techniques that they once used to stay alive.


Cats need some of their own furniture that they can enjoy because it has only their smell on it. But, not just any furniture. It needs to be cat furniture. Our homes don’t have to look like the Wild Kingdom to properly meet our feline family’s needs, but for them to thrive instead of just survive, our kitties need environmental enrichment's. They use these cat perches and climbing trees to get away from dangers that they perceive as predators. If a home has dogs and/or small children, the cats need to have lots of safe places, usually up high, for them to hang out and get away from the stressors - two or four-legged! Tall, sturdy cat trees are not a luxury; they are a necessity for a home with dogs or small children!

In order to make your cat as comfortable as he can be, whether you live in an apartment or family home, Not Just For Pets offers a variety of products that support his natural instincts. Consider different cat furniture options to find which ones may be appropriate for you and your pet.

Furniture Recommendations:

• Apartment or small living space: If you have an apartment cat that likes to sleep all day near a window while basking in the sun, a cat perch may be the right choice for him. The Ware Mfg company products provide many great option for small spaces! By featuring hide-and-seek crevices, plush toys and plenty of space to lie down and relax, these portable pieces of kitty furniture will become your cat’s favorite place in your home and on the go.

• Home or large living space: If you have a larger space, a more active cat or a multi-cat home, check out the Cat Furniture section of our website. We offer many options for your cat. Your cat will entertain himself for hours while recreating the prey-hunt scenario with dangling toys and scratching posts before retreating into one of his hiding places for his catnip.

• Outdoor living: The Cat Department of Not Just For Pets is a great option for providing outdoor cats with many options to protect them from wind, rain, snow and sun. It also gives indoor cats products and a place to call their own. 

Promoting your cat’s natural instincts transforms your home into a cat paradise. Check out Not Just For Pets for the best cat trees and furniture to give your furry friend something to purr about.

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