Reptile Light Fixtures, Domes & Terrarium Hoods

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Reptile light fixtures are one of the essential parts of your setup. Your pet reptile needs a certain level of lighting to living healthy and happy.

Reptile light fixtures and more.

Light Fixtures, such as terrarium lights, terrarium lamps, and light fixtures, are an essential part of your terrarium and make the difference between a healthy reptile and one that is not so healthy. Fish and Terrarium light fixtures add the right level of light and provide a beautiful design element to your tank.

No matter what type of terrarium light fixtures you need, you'll find a detailed description of each product within our shopping area. Need to accommodate a terrarium lampstand? No problem. Terrarium lamp stands are great for holding your terrarium lamps, protecting your home and keeping your animals warm. Use it with a wire basket or metal dome light fixtures.

Every reptile and amphibian needs dedicated lighting for both heat and visible light—both factors are essential for your reptile’s proper bone development and healthy metabolism, digestion and more. 

The reflective lamp is made of heavy-gauge, painted aluminum and features an integrated ceramic socket. And the spring-loaded swivel head clamps securely attaches to the rim of any terrarium. If you’d prefer a lamp that rests on the metal-grate top rather than clamping to the rim of your terrarium.