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Bird Seed

The birds love this least they seem to as they are chirping away. Also you price is super! I will definitely order all my pet needs through you. Thanks,

No Humming Birds attracted yet

I would love to leave a positive review but so far no humming bird have been attracted. I added two half peeled bananas in both of them and we have seen no humming birds around them. ☹️

works great. Results in 24

works great. Results in 24 hrs.

Great price

Works for hummingbirds as well as wrens

Great sand

Really happy with the sand and the prices from Not Just for Pets.

Picture is Better than Product

I'm not unhappy with the hanger but it looks much cheaper than shown in the picture. But it does work and you get what you pay for.

Highly Recommend

very durable. we have 8 dogs with 2 of them being german shepherds. All of our dogs love this toy and it has withstood the two destructive shepherds we have. Highly recommend and will purchase again.

Not working

I have put fruit in, no sign of fruit flies— no interest from our hummers. :cry:

Still Waiting

Haven't seen one bird yet on either feeder.


I have had this type of hanger before and have been very happy with it.


Our hummingbirds love this feeder

Great little protein feeder.

Very nice feeder. I place the peel of bananas, mango, pineapple, etc. inside of the feeder and a week later I have fruit flies for my hummings to feed on.

It Really Works

This is the right product to use responsibly for controlling rodent activity around residential neighborhoods.

Repeat Purchase

I’ve been buying this particular hot pepper suet repeatedly for years. The squirrels don’t seem to like this flavor so it’s available for the birds.:blush:

I tried to contact this

I tried to contact this company numerous times by phone and email and they never answered the phone or responded to my emails. I will probably return the item and never order from them again. Poor, poor customer care.

We are very sorry you are having an issue contacting us. Please use our Customer Service link or Contact Us button at the bottom of the pages of our website and submit a ticket. Submitting a ticket is the quickest way to receive a response.
Short delivery. Received in good

Short delivery. Received in good condition.


Love the price duct and price. Shipped appropriately

Ideology-Humm-bug Hummingbird Feeder

It looks well made. We have not put it out yet. I wish there were more directions - do you cut the bananas or whole? where is the best place to locate the feeder? any other suggestions? thanks


I really love it it's just what I was looking for good quality quick shipping

Happy howies sausages

My dogs love!

Hummingbird feeder

Never received the product and contacted a representative and never heard back from them CR


I needed a pen for a rescued bunny with 2 week old kits. The pen bars are narrow enough so no babies escape, still enough room for mom& babies to hop around, plus, the bottom is waterproof and really easy to clean. It sits on carpet and I have to worries of leakage. I highly recommend. Very well made. Worth the $$.

Birds a Plenty

The woodpeckers love this flavor suet! The log feeder is one of the coolest in our yard!

Bad knee now

I was told this was a no pull harness. If you're looking for a no pull harness this is not the one to buy.

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